If Trump Is Racist, Why Did He NOT Ban the 42 Other ‘Muslim-Majority Nations’?


There are just under 50 Muslim-majority nations. (Some ratios are so slight, the number of countries with a majority varies between 49 and 51).

President Donald Trump banned seven countries deemed to pose a high-risk to U.S. security when their citizens travel to the U.S., sparking widespread protest and inflaming accusations that Trump is a racist and is “against Muslims” and “against immigration.”

Yet, Trump didn’t ban 42 or so other Muslim countries, which might cause some to question how racist he could be if he only bans countries seen by U.S. authorities to pose serious risk to security inside the country’s borders.

These are the countries Trump banned:


These are 48 of the Muslim majority countries, with the banned ones checked off (I couldn’t find a list of 49-51, but if a reader can identify the missing countries I’ll add them in. Use the comments section):

1 Indonesia
2 Pakistan
3 Bangladesh
4 Nigeria
5 Egypt
6 Turkey
7 Iran
8 Sudan
9 Algeria
10 Afghanistan
11 Morocco
12 Iraq
13 Malaysia
14 Saudi Arabia
15 Uzbekistan
16 Yemen
17 Syria
18 Kazakhstan
19 Niger
20 Burkina Faso
21 Mali
22 Senegal
23 Tunisia
24 Guinea
25 Somalia
26 Azerbaijan
27 Tajikistan
28 Sierra Leone
29 Libya
30 Jordan
31 United Arab Emirates
32 Kyrgyzstan
33 Turkmenistan
34 Chad
35 Lebanon
36 Kuwait
37 Albania
38 Mauritania
39 Oman
40 Kosovo
41 The Gambia
42 Bahrain
43 Comoros
44 Qatar
45 Djibouti
46 Brunei
47 Maldives
48 Palestine

You might also notice that only one of the top 10 most populous Muslim countries is banned, while the more populous Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, and Turkey are not banned.

Here is another list, from IntelCenter on which the top threats to the U.S. are listed, with the same countries crossed out. This list is from 2015, and there have been notable changes in high-threat areas in the two years since that are not represented.

1 Iraq
2 Syria
3 Nigeria
4 Somalia
5 Afghanistan
6 Libya
7 Yemen
8 Pakistan
9 Ukraine
10 Egypt

How did the White House pick the seven countries?

According to¬†White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer explained earlier this week, “What the president did was take the first step through this executive order of ensuring that we’re looking at the entire system of who’s coming in, refugees that are coming in, people who are coming in from places that have a history or that our intelligence suggests that we need to have further extreme vetting for.”