Largest Vehicle Plant in World: They’ll Now Produce 450,000 Per Year

BMW Spartanburg

With a new $1 billion investment this year, South Carolina’s Spartanburg plant will produce 450,000 vehicles per year.

Currently, Spartanburg produces 350,000, although last year it produced just over 400,000 vehicles.

The BMW plant produces more vehicles than any of the German company’s German factories, according to BMW. It employees 8,000 people, and with the new X7 line of BMW’s, it will be up to 8,800.

Of the vehicles made in Spartanburg’s plant, almost 300,000 were exported, equating to almost $10 million in export value.

“We are very fortunate that … years ago, the company decided to go to the United States and build a plant at a time when everyone was withdrawing,” said Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW of North America.

“It was not only a brave move, but it shows how right the move was. It is a big, important footprint for us.”